Hello from Dogdrop

Our Philosophy

The health and happiness of our dogs requires a lot more than just fresh food. To really thrive, dogs need exercise, social interaction, and basic training.

At our dogdrop locations, we provide a place for dogs to do just that. They’ll exercise, learn, and socialize under well-trained supervision, so they can become happier and healthier dog citizens.

Our physical products are designed to help parents take better care of their dog (or dogs!) at home. Just like our locations, we have created the best version of what’s out there. They are designed with the earth in mind, so you can take care of her too. 

Dogdrop dogs holding stick in mouth
Greer and Shaina founder Dogdrop holding pup in lap

Our Story

We couldn’t find dog care that worked for us. Nothing was flexible enough, clean enough, engaging enough, or cool enough, so we decided to build our own version, by reimagining dog care from the ground up.

Shaina, our ceo, lived in china for business school and work before returning to the us. The first thing she did when she got home was get a mini chocolate dapple dachschund named poppy.

Greer, our coo, completed her masters in the uk before returning to la and reconnecting with shaina. She recently got her own puppy, a coonhound/gsp named watson the milk man.

Our Mission

To provide the best possible care, products, and services to dogs everywhere, so they live longer happier and healthier lives.

Ready to give your dog the best?